Platter Playlists: lost classics find a new audience online.

5 Sep

In a day and age where new media technology makes it alarmingly simple to interact with only that which we already know we like, I still find it comforting to listen to music programmed by passionate gatekeepers that can expose me to things I don’t know about.

A few years ago, a former student sent me a link to this amazing website.  Essentially, it’s the work of a guy who is uploading playlists of reasonably obscure (but not too removed from the mainstream) late 60s, early 70s tunes.  Most of it is in the folk/blues/country/singer-songwriter vein.  The resulting playlists are often hauntingly beautiful.

I’ll admit, I don’t tune in as much as I probably should given how consistently and unassailably great this stuff usually is.  However, when I do, I’m never disappointed. Here’s pledging to visit more often.


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